Learning how to raise your GLUTEN FREE child to thrive
in a gluten filled world is easier than you think.

  • Are you overwhelmed because your child was just diagnosed with celiac disease and needs to follow a gluten free diet?
  • Are you confused about which foods are safe for your child to eat?
  • Do you get frustrated when reading a food label because you’re not sure exactly what to look for?
  • Do you stress at the thought of eating out?
  • Do you worry your child may not feel like “part of the group” when it comes to school lunch and classroom parties?

I know exactly how you feel. I had the same emotional experience back in 2003 when my son was diagnosed with celiac disease.  I felt that constant gut wrenching feeling of not knowing where to begin and how to handle day to day living.

This is exactly why I created 5 Simple Steps For Raising Your Gluten Free Child. This program was designed to help you and your child adjust to and live the gluten free lifestyle with ease and enjoyment.

Your journey has begun.  Don’t walk alone.  I specialized in helping mothers transform their gluten free children’s lives into the lives they were meant to live, like their peers, without being bound by a diet.

Don’t waste anymore of your valuable time stressing over the fact your child needs to follow a gluten free diet. Instead, focus your energy on what you need to do right now to help your child move forward.  To assess your needs and learn the basics of the 5 Simple Steps For Raising Your Gluten Free Child download the tip sheet in the box to the right.  With the right support your child will succeed!


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